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We totally get it-it can be stressful trying to keep your home looking *spotless* while it’s on the market. We also know that it is possible to keep your home show-ready while still living your life. All you’ll need to do is follow these easy steps from House Logic!

  • Invest in clear bins

The less stuff you have out, the easier it is to keep clean. Big, plastic, clear bins are a cheap and easy way to clear out the clutter around your home. Don’t forget to keep your tidy storage bins somewhere where they will be easily accessible!

  • Clean as you go

When your home is on the market, cleaning is a way of life. By cleaning as you go, you can help ensure that your home looks spotless and show-ready all day. To achieve this, make sure that each time you finish an activity or leave a room it looks like you were never there. For example, make your bed right when you get up, put dishes in the dishwasher right after a meal, fold laundry straight from the dryer, etc.

  • Use only one bathroom 

The bathroom is one room that absolutely has to look spotless. It is also a room that is used regularly. An easy solution is to use only one bathroom in your home (if possible). To keep the in-use bathroom in tip-top shape, make sure to clean the tub/shower after each use, wipe the sink + counter after each use, clean the toilet and floors each day.

  • Tackle odors every day 

Odors are a great way to turn-off potential buyers. A great place to start is to deep clean your entire home (or hire a professional cleaner in you can) with a focus on grease build-up, grimy drains, musty basements, etc.

After your home is thoroughly deep-cleaned, make sure to do a daily disinfectant sweep of your home’s biggest offenders:

-wash your trashcans every time you take out the bag.

-Vacuum under furniture.

-Wipe down baseboards and window-sills.

-Carefully clean your stove and surrounding cabinets after you cook to ensure that food smells don’t linger.

  • Send pets on vacation 

Pets are amazing, but they are also known to shed. If possible, send your pet to stay with a friend or relative while your home is on the market to cut down on pet odors and dander. If that is not an option, here are some alternative strategies:

-In homes with more than one pet and enough household members, assign each member a pet and associated care and cleaning duties-brush their fur, clean their bowls and eating area, vacuum their favorite napping spot, etc.

-Take them away with you when you leave for the day.

-If your pet is old, sick, or can’t be left alone or easily moved, ask your agent to restrict showings to when you can be there.

  • Drive away with the laundry

Laundry is tough to time perfectly, no matter how spotless you regularly keep your home. An easy way to get laundry out of the way when potential buyers are on the way is to simply put it in a basket and literally drive it away with you.

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