Photo of a peaceful valley covered in snow, with the sun setting in the distance.

Winter can be beautiful, exciting, and restorative. It can also be dreary and dark. The following tips from House Logic will help you create a cozy and bright oasis all winter long!

  1. Clean your light fixtures and bulbs.

This easy fix will make your home appear 30% brighter!

2.  Keep the cold air out.

Windows and door frames can let in the unwanted cold winter air. But don’t forget to plug sneaky gaps around recessed lighting, electrical boxes, and wall outlets.

Bonus tip: Use a lit incense stick or candle to hunt down any drafty spots in your home, while leaving behind a lovely scent!

3.  Get out your slow cooker!

There is nothing cozier than coming home to the smell of your favorite dish, ready to eat.

4.  Vacuum with your thermostat fan on.

This will help filter out dust that gets kicked up while cleaning.

5.  Invest in some indoor plants!

Not only do they help create an amazing and cozy space, but many indoor plants are great at sucking up VOCs, which includes vapors from household cleaners. Their humidity can also help to decrease dust.

6.  Change your furnace/AC filter  

It’s important to change your filter every few months (more if you have pets) to prevent excess dust from circulating. No one wants to spend their day in a home with stale dusty air!

7.  Let the sunlight in!

Clean your windows! This simple chore will help more natural light get in, which is especially important during the winter when our daylight hours are cut short!

Bonus: sunshine can be a great mood booster!

8.  Let your window screens hibernate for the winter. 

Window screens can trap dirt and make your home appear darker, both inside and out.

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