It’s not quite springtime yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a jump on spring cleaning! Houselogic has come up with a list of 4 easy things to do in February that will help make the transition to spring an easy one.

Deep clean your entryway 

Your entryway has likely had a rough few months. Give this space some TLC before spring.

Make an anti-mud plan 

Mud may not be on your mind right now but it will be before too long. Research potential ground covers now to ensure that when the ground thaws come spring, the mud will be kept at bay.

Organize your cleaning closets and laundry room 

It’s a good idea to organize and clean these spaces before spring cleaning madness begins.

Hail a handyperson 

Spring and summer are peak repair seasons, so hire a handyperson now to avoid surge pricing and long wait times.

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